About Patras

Patras is the third largest city in Greece, the capital of the prefecture of Achaia and Western Greece. It is located in Peloponnese which is well known for its natural beauty and products. It is the gateway to the West thanks to its geographical position and and its port which connects the country with many Italian ports.

Patras Carnival is the biggest event of the city, the biggest carnival in Greece and one the biggest in Europe.

It is a city with sightseeings of exceptional interest, which concern the ancient and religious history of the city. The exceptional architecture of the new archaeological museum gives the visitor the opportunity for a unique tour on the past. The imposing bridge -the largest of its kind in Europe- is worth for a walk, in the north side of the city.

Patras sunset is famous for the wonderful colors that are been created in the sky and in city’s gulf. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful sunsets in Europe.

The city is an ideal place to stay if you wish to visit three world famous historical destinations Delphi – Olympia – Epidaurus. Patras location is perfect for a traveller who wishes to visit all those hitorical destinations as the average distance does not exceed 150 km away. Don’t forget to visit the Mycenaean park of Voudeni in Patras, which is one of the major premises of the Mycenaean world internationally.

The beaches near Patras are ideal for relaxation and a tropical tan while the big coastline across Patras and Achaia prefecture give the opportunity to choose among a wide range of places.

Do not leave the city if you do not taste the famous sweet red wine “Mavrodaphne” (produced by Achaian grapes) while after lunch should not forget to eat Patras Loukoumia accompanied by a shot of Tentoura spirit.